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From the Fire Personnel Handout -Suicide (EAP) document:

As a retired Fire Chief once said, “To be in this business, everybody thinks you have to have thick skin and be tough. The main thing I always tell people is, you have to have compassion.”

Firefighter suicide shakes the very core of the fire service, and its impact can be emotionally and mentally impacting, even debilitating, for those who are left behind to grieve.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding suicide that must be addressed and debunked. These include:

  • Suicide is a sign of weakness.

  • People who commit suicide have no “guts.”

  • The family of the deceased should be ashamed or embarrassed.

  • Someone who committed suicide took the “easy way out.”

  • The person should have asked for help.

  • The person was/is looking for attention.

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